Zero Excuse Commitment I am the person in charge, Before everything, if I am not sure, I can not promise, But if I promise, I will go all out to execute, Successful, I am proud. While enjoying salary and honor, It also proves that I am qualified for this job, If it fails or violates the rules, I will never make any excuses, It ’s shameful to make excuses, The incompetent people make excuses, I am willing to bear all the consequences and even punishment for the failure! The above is my decision and my commitment, Starting from me, starting from now!

Struggle Manifesto I am a struggler I know the beauty of everything They all came out with hard-working hands I have to work as hard as anyone Always maintain the attitude that the struggling person deserves Faster, warmer and more responsible I am a struggler I know that only he can benefit himself Continuous contribution for others can achieve a better self I abide by the rules My solidarity partner I am loyal to my choice I struggle because I am a struggler

Benefit redemption
Let struggling beneficiaries